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Academy of Physicians
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APCR Member Spotlight | Dr. Ricardo Correa

APCR Member Spotlight

   Ricardo Correa, MD, FAPCR
   At-Large Board of Trustee Member, APCR
   Assistant Professor of Medicine
   University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix
   Brown University, Warren Alpert School of Medicine
   Department of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism
   Program Director
   Warren, RI

What is your current role?
I am a staff endocrinologist and program director for the Endocrine, Diabetes and Metabolism Fellowship at the University of Arizona College of Medicine-Phoenix. Also, I am a physician scientist with a special focus on neuroendocrine, immunology and endocrinology.

How did you become interested in clinical research?
I became interested in clinical research during my training at the NIH as a physician scientist. I really like to see differences in the patients and with clinical research you can see that.

How did you become involved with the APCR?
I became involve with APCR because I wanted to promote clinical research among the physician community, and I wanted to learn and teach clinical research practices.

Explain how you benefit from being a member and/or fellow of the APCR.
As a member and fellow of APCR, I have been able to learn more about clinical research through the different meetings, webinars and other educational activities. Also, I am able to be a leader and encourage others to join the clinical research field.

What would you like to see occur in the field of clinical research (i.e., scientific advances, greater awareness of the field, etc.) during your career?
I would like to find a solution for diabetes as part of clinical research. Also, I would like to make other physicians more aware of evidence-based medicine and how to interpret clinical research.

What are your hobbies outside of the office?
I love to play with my two kids and go to the movies with my family.

What is something surprising that most people do not know about you?
I am afraid of public speaking although I still do it frequently. Also, I am in the Army reserve and love to serve.

Is there anything I did not ask that you would like to mention?
I am the youngest program director in the country.

Publication Date: 
Thursday, June 14, 2018 - 4:15pm