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Academy of Physicians
in Clinical Research

Academy of Physicians
in Clinical Research

Fellow of the APCR

Fellow of the APCR (FAPCR) is recognition reserved for APCR members who have demonstrated their commitment to the organization, achievement and leadership in clinical research. The Fellow program offers our members a new way to show their commitment and achievement in the field.

Benefits of FAPCR

  • Entitled to use the designation FAPCR (Fellow of the Academy of Physicians in Clinical Research) as a professional designation
  • Recognition FELLOW ribbon when attending any APCR meeting
  • FAPCR certificate confirming designation
  • Inclusion in a quarterly published roster of new Fellows on the APCR website

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Active APCR Membership for at least one year
  2. Attend Annual Meeting to receive FAPCR certificate

Fellowship Domains

  1. Certification in Clinical Research
    1. Clinical Research Training
    2. Non-clinical research advanced degrees and board certifications
  2. Publications in peer reviewed journals
  3. Contributions to national/international conferences
  4. Leadership in professional associations related to clinical research
  5. Participation as PI in clinical trials
  6. Member of a Medicines Development team
  7. Fostering clinical research and medicines development in the community
  8. Academic positions related to clinical research
  9. Work in regulatory agencies related to clinical research and medicines development
  10. Recognitions for contributions to the discipline of clinical research and medicines development
  11. Innovation/Patents Granted
  12. Membership at APCR (Requires MD, DO, MBBS or equivalent)

Domain Inclusion Criteria and Maximum Allowance


1- Certification Academic degree in clinicalresearch/medicines development (MS, PhD) PhD-50 70  
MS- 30
ACRP Certification or CPI- 25
NBME Certification NBME-25
GCP Certification RAP, FPM- 25
Others Other- 10
1a.- Clinical Research Training Certificates GCP Training Courses GCP 2 per course 30  
PERI Training Courses PERI 5 per course
Drug Development Course Drug Development Course 2 per course
Other Clinical Research CME Courses Other 2 per course
1b.- Other Advanced Degrees and Board Certification Non clinical research advanced degrees   2 points per degree 30  
American Board of Medical Specialties Board Certifications 
  10 points per Board Certification
2- Publications in Peer reviewed journals Papers published since 1995 4 point per paper 120  
Peer reviewed/Indexed journals
3-  Contributions to national/international conferences Speaker 2 point per item 60  
4- Leadership in professional associations related to clinical research Board member or Chair of Committee/Work Group 4 point per year 20  
5- Participation as PI or Subinvestigator in clinical trials Phase I-IV clinical trials 6 point per trial as PI 120  
Registered at Final Report 3 point per trial as Subinvestigator
6- Member of a Medicines Development Team/ Medical Director of Clinical Research Site Work in the pharmaceutical industry/contract Research organization/ Research site in clinical Research related positions 4 point per year 60  
7- Fostering clinical research/medicines development in the community Participation at EC/IRB 2 point per year 60  
Work in patient organizations
Education to the lay public
8- Academic Positions in Clinical Research Teaching clinical research related matters at accredited/recognized academic institutions 4 point/year 60  
9- Work in Regulatory agencies related to clinical research and Medicines Development Work at FDA, EMA, or other national regulatory agency 4 point/year 60  
Work in WHO, WMA, WFME
10- Awards and Recognitions for contributions to clinical research and Medicines Development Granted by academic, nonprofit, regulatory or professional associations 5 point/award 40  
11- Innovation Patents or equivalent Granted 10 points/item 40  
12- Membership at APCR Active membership 2 point/year 20  

Threshold to Achieving APCR Fellowship Status:  75 points


Fellows are required to maintain their active membership status and be current on dues. Membership dues for Fellows is $300.

Renewal of FAPCR

Once approved, a Fellow must keep current in annual dues to keep the designation. A failure to keep current may result in the loss of designation FAPCR and require reapplication for fellow status.  

Publication Date: 
Monday, May 2, 2016 - 1:15pm
Monday, May 2, 2016 - 1:15pm