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Academy of Physicians
in Clinical Research

Academy of Physicians
in Clinical Research

Membership Benefits

APCR members enjoy a host of benefits specific to Pharmaceutical Physicians and Physician Investigators, as well as the full range of APCR member benefits including access to members-only content on both websites and special rates for events and products.

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About APCR Membership

APCR is the leading global professional organization addressing the unique issues and challenges of Pharmaceutical Physicians and Physician Investigators. Through the voluntary efforts of our members, APCR has become a global forum for members to express views and receive advice and support on improving the contribution of pharmaceutical medicine to the discovery, development, registration and marketing of innovative and useful medicines. Through the establishment of pharmaceutical medicine as a rigorous and demanding scientific and managerial discipline, APCR seeks to enhance the image of pharmaceutical physicians.

As a member, your involvement will not only enrich your career, but also help to shape the future of APCR and the profession.

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Membership Eligibility

All pharmaceutical physicians and physicians (MD, DO, MBBS, or equivalent degree) who, in addition to their other professional work, devote a substantial portion of their time to:

  • Performing studies of drugs, biologics, devices, vaccines or diagnostics
  • Activities related to research, development or regulation of these products
  • Teaching the subject of pharmaceutical medicine and who will uphold the policies of APCR and subscribe to its bylaws


Membership Benefits

  • Career enhancement through discounted educational opportunities 

  • Exclusive Industry Job Postings

  • 30% discount to the latest clinical trials through SCRIP

  • Fellow designation opportunity

  • Networking with industry professionals

  • Annual Meeting with CME offerings

  • Collective voice of clinical research

Publication Date: 
Saturday, September 17, 2016 - 10:00am
Monday, June 13, 2016 - 10:00am